VG&P consider sustainability from the very beginning of a design for a new product. Our approach is based on 4 core principles: 


We firmly believe that the most sustainable products are those that are designed and made to last. Materials are precious resources, and as a company making things we have a responsibility to use them carefully. 

Quality First

The quality of our products always comes first. We never compromise on materials or manufacturing methods. This approach may sometimes cost us more, but in the long run we believe our commitment to quality offers better value for money and our environment. 

Manufacture Locally

When possible we try to manufacture as locally as possible. As a result 90% of our products are made in the UK and Europe – close to the material resources. 


All of our products break-down easily for straightforward refurbishing and repurposing of parts.  

Our signature product – the Canteen Utility Chair – is an excellent example of our dedication to sustainable design. The plywood parts are sourced from sustainably managed forests, and press-formed near source in Hungary. 

They are made from a robust 12mm thick European beech, which is a tried and tested, beautiful, natural material that will last for many years and gain character with age. The metal work is made in the UK and painted locally with fun and durable colours. We take a hands-on approach and assemble each chair to order in our own workshop. Every order is checked in-house before dispatch which helps minimises breakages, returns and transportation.